About Madison

My name is Madison Irving. I’m a high school teacher, proud husband and father, and I’m running for the Three Chopt seat of the Henrico County School Board. My mom is a retired teacher of 36 years and my dad was a teacher for 17 years and a principal for 12. Growing up, I never wanted to be a teacher. However, after beginning a career in financial planning, I was called back to education. I returned to my alma mater Virginia Tech to pursue a Master's in Education. 

I've taught at Varina High School, Hermitage High School, and am currently at James River High School. I moved to James River to coach football when I was recruited by their new head football coach. I'm running for School Board because I feel my on-the-ground experience as an educator and parent will be incredibly valuable in setting overall policy for Henrico County Public Schools. Students and teachers should be put first; you can't have one without the other and supporting both must be the priority. For too long public education in the state and around the country has been denigrated and devalued. I want to do my part to keep Henrico County Public Schools moving in a positive direction and ensure that teachers and staff are empowered so that they can best help our students. When teachers win, students win.